T H E  N E G R O N I  B O X
The Helvetico Negroni Box from VRMTH


Our friends at VRMTH have packaged sunsets and warm nights perfectly in The Helvetico Negroni Box, so you can experience their special Negroni, and then recreate and savour them wherever you like. They have taken this as an opportunity to introduce Negroni using ingredients from different cantons of Switzerland, starting with the Negroni Luzerner from Luzern.

Curated by the legendary Bar Karel Korner, the ingredients of the Negroni Luzerner are the Kühne Bio Gin from Haldihof in Weggis, the VRMTH Helvetico Rosso, made exclusively from Swiss Pinot Noir grapes and local herbs, and the Swiss bitter Martinazzi.

Each Helvetico Negroni Box contains a large bottle of Negroni, as well as three small miniatures of the ingredients so you can recreate it yourself.

We designed the box with VRMTH’s timeless identity in mind, and used the warm colours of the Negroni as our colour palette. We also had the opportunity to apply the brand’s modular aesthetic to the box design and production.

We loved this project as it encapsulates the sweet joys of life while making the luxury of speciality cocktails accessible. It allows us to enjoy this pleasure from a different perspective, as we learn to create the perfect Negroni ourselves, anywhere we like (atop a mountain, lakeside, after a hot bath, or cozy at home with our loved ones). 

Ph   photography by Aladin Klieber 
Gr   graphic design by Eszter Laki