Z S I G M O N D   
Rebrand and web design for a Hungarian fashion brand 


Dóra Zsigmond, fashion designer and creator of her eponymous fashion line Zsigmond, is one of the most intensely dedicated and visionary designers we’ve encountered. She approaches every piece with precise technical skills as well as a creative vision that is incredibly well thought out and uniquely hers. 

Drawing inspiration from Hungarian folklore, history, peasant life, and rural sights, Dóra doesn’t shy away from the darkness, yet also expresses the beauty of the human experience, and bonds that have been expressed in different ways throughout history. Her SS22 collection UNRIPE was inspired by manor farms of 19th century Hungary. Dóra was captivated by rare photographs from the time period, and she drew her main inspiration for the collection from the everyday life of peasants and their deep connection to their land, and to one another. Exploring and unpacking their lived experiences, their oppression and determination, reflects Dóra’s intuitive ability to bring complex, deep, and poignant topics into her work. 

Another exciting collection of hers is REMADE, wherein she collects woven fabrics from elderly people in the countryside, and gives them new life by remaking them into incredible pieces that have been appreciated and coveted worldwide. Can you imagine someone from as far away as Japan or Brazil wearing a handmade Hungarian carpet from the early 1900’s? We think this is an amazing and very important way to respect and preserve our heritage while also using it as a way to connect with people all over the world. 

We created Dóra’s new brand in collaboration with Peltan-Brosz Studio. All in all we designed a lookbook, labels, tags, packaging, and a new website. The design was meant to be raw, natural, honest, and clean. It was also important for the brand to be usable for many years - essentially timeless, just like her work. 

Dóra’s original logo featured a pheasant bird that she wanted to keep, but recreated in a cleaner and more usable style. Keeping this in mind, we completed the brand with hand drawn icons and typography, bringing cohesiveness while also further expressing the identity of the brand. 

The icons featured on the clothing tags, and were used to define technical characteristics of each piece - handmade, recycled, natural dyed, reversible, and eco-friendly screen printed - and letterpressed onto recycled paper. We also created another smaller clothing tag featuring the logo. The tags were produced in natural paper and black paper.

The clothing also features black sewn labels with our humble and regal pheasant embroidered in silver. For the packaging, we created a tape design featuring the pheasant from the logo, as well as a stamp in multiple designs. 

Ph   photography – Courtesy of the brand (Dóra's portrait is By Zsófia Bodnár)
Ad   art direction by Eszter Laki
Gr   graphic design by Eszter Laki & Réka Imre & Roland Peltán-Brósz