branding & wine labels 
for a Hungarian winery

Winelife winery is located on the border of Hungary and Austria, in the heart of Fertőrákos. Owned and operated by Hungarian winemakers whose expertise and devotion comes from a family tradition. Csaba Orosz and Péter Orosz inherited the vineyard from their father who managed the winery passionately, however after their father passed away, the brothers brought it to another level and chose it as their life and profession. Sámuel Linzer, another descendant of winemaking families of the area joined them and gave his support and knowledge to found Winelife winery. 

The name Winelife originates from their personal story, a peculiar mixture of fate and commitment, and also a true manifestation of the owners approach who were born into this way of life. At first glance the cork-screw logo is a bit obvious choice for a winery however we have put a hidden, secondary message in it and used it as a sinus curve referring to the name – the beautiful ups and downs of life itself. The wine labels are dominated by letters which are the initials or abbreviations of the wine types produced by Winelife. The exceptional environment, such as the soil, the topography and the climate resulted in fantastic terroir products therefore we the decided to pinpoint this authenticity with a minimalist design. 

 photography by András Zoltai
A   art direction, graphic design by Szőke Gergely & Eszter Laki