V I V I N A ' S  C A F É  &  R O A S T E R Y      

Rebranding and packaging design of a Budapest based café and roastery 

Vivi and Nassim embarked on their coffee journey in 2019 when they opened their cozy café, driven by a shared passion for coffee and fueled by their experiences as home baristas. Over time, their café flourished, expanding its space and menu to include delectable brunch offerings alongside their own freshly roasted coffee. Their dedication and skill were recognized when they clinched victory in the esteemed international competition, The Barista League, earning them an unforgettable trip to explore coffee plantations in Colombia and Costa Rica. Maintaining close ties with Colombian coffee farms, they continue to source their green coffee beans directly, embodying their commitment to sustainability, quality, and artistic expression.

Collaborating on their identity and package design was a delight; from our very first meeting, it was evident that our shared love for finely crafted light-roasted filter coffee would forge a strong bond. Sampling their exceptional coffee only deepened our connection.

Their transformative journey to Colombia served as the inspiration for our packaging design, which seeks to capture the enchanting moments of their jungle adventure. Through intricate illustration, we portray Vivi and Nassim perched atop a jungle tree, surrounded by lush palm trees and vibrant wildlife.

Distinguishing between their diverse coffee offerings, we devised a color-coded system: dark green labels signify their rich, chocolate-flavored single origin coffees and blends; cream-colored labels denote the delicate notes of their light roast single origin specialty coffees, while light green labels are reserved for their most exceptional competition coffees, including the prized geisha variety.

Art direction – Eszter Laki
Graphic design – Eszter Laki, Réka Imre
Photography – András Zoltai Set stylist – Panka Milutinovits