S K I Z O   W I N E   L A B E L S

Skizo is a promising Hungarian winery owned by a talented young couple who are always open to bold, experimental ideas. Their first product line became their signature work which was the result both of the quality and the state-of-the-art labels featuring colourful palms. The original idea is coming from the Laboratory Group advertising agency then it was developed further by Dia Ghyczy. This iconic feature was our guide during the redesign so we kept the palms and gave it a radical twist by using more powerful colours and sharp lines. We used a full-wrap, tall label to enhance the fine art character with its resemblance to relief printing techniques. The colours of the bottle capsules match the labels on the different wine types. 

Ph   photography by András Zoltai 
Ad   art direction by Eszter Laki
Gr   graphic design by Eszter Laki