R U M O U R 
Branding for a mysterious restaurant of Michelin-awarded Jenő Rácz

The desire for indulgence is primal, and Rumour is the place where diners can give themselves over to this special pleasure. The mood is mysterious and seductive, so we based the identity on shadows, darkness, plays of light, elegance, and restrained sensuality. The main brand colours of hot red and the darkest black were inspired by founder Jenő Rácz’s time in Shanghai. The logotype was chosen for its secretive and coy feeling, and applied using a sexy, hot red on black paper. We used techniques such as engraving, and special details like wax seals and satin ribbons to round out the dark, seductive identity. 

rumour – / ˈruːmə (r) / noun
An interesting event or piece of news which can be either true or fictional, spread via word of mouth at a quick pace.

Rumour – / ˈruːmə (r) / concept
“Chef’s table” A unique “Theatre Style” proposition where guests are invited to dine around the performance “Stage”. An interactive experience where patrons can witness the preparation of each dish. This transparency and direct contact between guests and chefs, make this experience very casual and friendly.

Ph   photography by Andras Zoltai & Gábor Seregélyes (interior, food)
Ad   art direction by Eszter Laki
Gr   graphic design by Eszter Laki & Réka Imre