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Catalogue design for Virág Judit Gallery

Virág Judit Gallery and Auction House deals with and presents high-quality classical and contemporary Hungarian paintings and sculptures, along with Gorka, and Historic and Art Nouveau Zsolnay ceramics. 

Following the highly successful, award-winning Paris-Budapest and Berlin-Budapest exhibitions, the Rome-Budapest show organized as the third part of the series along with its thorough exhibition catalogue summarizes the artistic trends of this rich period based on new research. Focusing on the Roman School, and how the Italian capital became decisive for the actors of the Hungarian artistic life. A suppletory exhibition, which for the first time presents comprehensively the prominent role of Rome in Hungarian painting, sculpture and architecture. 

We designed the catalogue for this exquisite exhibition with careful attention to detail. The typography is inspired by the iconic cityscape and shop signs of Rome, embodying the essence of its vibrant streets. We selected a typeface called Etrusco Now, a modernist font by Italian designers from Italiantype. The color palette features bold hues of orange, blue, and purple, evoking the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, the rich hues of Roman walls, and the vibrant blooms of oleanders. These colors not only evoke a sense of place but also harmonize with the most significant paintings showcased within the book.

We devoted particular care to the book’s physical attributes, incorporating fine details such as a purple canvas binding along the edge, a bright orange hotprint, and an orange ribbon bookmark. 

Art direction – Eszter Laki
Graphic design – Eszter Laki, Réka Imre
Photography – András Zoltai