P L I É      

Plié is a contemporary women’s fashion label born out of the dreams of Dalma Závodszky, and brought to life through her long friendship with Zsófi Mihályfi. Celebrating femininity and the beauty of simplicity, Plié is also a testament to friendship, which can even be seen in the name, which is a reference to how Dalma and Zsófi’s friendship began as children in ballet class. 

To express the brand’s elegance and minimalism, we created a bold and clean logo with sliced letters that match the angle of the accent on the letter “e”, to bring in a playful and contemporary touch. The emblem is the letter “P” with an accent on it, which continues this playfulness, and creates a memorable mark. The entire identity is minimal and clear, using monochrome and bold lettering, and lots of white space. The clothing labels, hangtags, business cards, stickers, and paper bags were white with black lettering and accents such as ribbons and rope. We also created a beautiful, slouchy, oversized tote bag with the bold logo, which is a statement piece in itself. 

We used letterpress to create the business cards and hangtags, collaborating again with our dear friends at Inkredible Letterpress.

graphic design by Eszter Laki &​ Réka Imre
photography by András Zoltai (fashion shots are by Márton Kecskés)