O U M A     

Ouma is a new Hungarian beauty care brand that brings all the best skincare treatments and innovations that we are used to for our faces to the rest of the body. In their line of products they include body creams, lotions, shower gels, and shampoos – all made with natural ingredients. 

Inspired by the idea that the rest of the body deserves the same attention, care, and treatment that we provide for our faces, Ouma uses high-active ingredients to help preserve and protect your skin from head to toe.

We love a new beauty brand, especially a local one that champions the use of natural ingredients. We created their entire identity, including the logo and logotype (which includes a tree emblem and custom lettering), hand-drawn, detailed illustrations of the ingredients, product labels, gift boxes, icons, their website layout, and photoshoots. 

We were inspired by their focus on providing products that are both natural and premium. We took a similar approach with the brand to express these values to the customer as simply and clearly as possible. We chose a minimal and refreshing colour palette, and photos that express the healthy, clean, and fresh feeling you get after using Ouma products.

Art direction – Eszter Laki
Graphic design – Eszter Laki, Réka Imre
Photography – Dániel Molnár
Set design – Kata Filep