N A G Y G O M B O S  P R E M I U M

Nagygombos Winery

Located in the Matra wine region of northern Hungary, in a town called Hatvan, Nagygombos Winery enjoys beautiful, historic surroundings, where rosé grapes abound. Here, grapes ripen steadily in the perfect climate to produce flavourful, elegant wines.

The lands upon which the estate was established were originally owned by Antal Grassalkovich, a poor official who rose to become an aristocrat in the Habsburg house. After the Grassalkovich family died out, the estate passed hands several times, and over the years played host to several iconic Hungarian figures such as Endre Ady and Lajos Hatvani. Eventually the land and the winery was bought by the famous Eger winemaker Tibor Gál, who began to lead significant developments to the winery. The first wines to be released from this estate by the Gál family featured the now well-known button (gomb) on the label.

Now under the ownership of the Barta family, developments and expansion of the winery have picked up again, led by Anna Takács-Barta, a young, progressive, inspiring winemaker, who has an impressive knowledge of and deep passion for winemaking, and respect for the heritage of the beautiful estate she runs.

We had the pleasure of creating two wine labels for Nagygombos. One of the labels is fresh, young, and reflective of Anna’s modern approach and femininity, while the other is inspired by introspection, nature, and family - all themes close to our hearts.

About the Premium collection

Anna also releases a premium collection of wines under her own eponymous winery, Barta Anna Winery. The design for these richer, more complex wines were inspired by Anna’s frequent long walks through the grape fields. On these walks she realised the Erdei Pinty (Common Chaffinch) birds are quite common there. Intrigued by these little birds, she began to read about them and found that the Erdei Pinty families are singing the same song from generation to generation, and learned how to sing from their father. This fact was very moving for Anna, and her father inspired her to be a winemaker. He is her advisor, and is incredibly important to her wine business. The Erdei Pinty immediately became a dear and close symbol for her, and we felt beyond a doubt that it should grace the bottles of these wines.

It made sense for us to also reflect Anna’s connection to nature by using earth tones. To reflect the quality of the wine, we also used special print techniques such as gold hotprint and a unique stamp-shaped die cut path. These elements elevate and enhance the design, and impart a quiet elegance that we feel is reflective of the incredible wines they represent.  

Ph   photography by András Zoltai 
Ad   art direction by Eszter Laki
Gr   graphic design by Réka Imre & Eszter Laki