branding for a bistrot & tapas bar
in Barcelona, Spain  

Creating the identity design for Levante restaurant was pure pleasure. The Barcelona-based food bar is owned by a local Italian architect who basically just let the magic happen. The restaurant is an effortless, honest celebration of the Mediterranean lifestyle: endless socialising above perfectly simple food, embraced by tons of lush green plants. Our briefing was as easy as it sounds: we just had to unleash our mind and play with the depiction of a certain wind called Levante.
Levante has many parallel meanings: it is used to refer the eastern region of the Iberian Peninsula, it is also a historical geographical term for a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean and at last but not least it is the name of an easterly wind which blows in the western Mediterranean Sea. This third interpretation was our strongest guide through the design process – the airy graphics imitate the dynamics of the wind which has it’s own dance with every little plant and leaf found in its path. The windblown, handwritten Levante logo has an even more whimsical version used like Leeee.
We applied a lot of hand drawings of Mediterranean plants bending in the wind. Our colour palette is ranging from the bright, vibrant tones to the peachy sunset-orange and ocean-blue shades. We printed identity T-shirts and coasters to feature these graphics which we fell in love with.

 art direction, graphic design by Eszter Laki
J   junior graphic designer – Réka Imre
P   photography by András Zoltai