L E  G R A N D  S P A
Illustration, stationary and all kind of printed goods
for a luxury spa in the heart of the Swiss Alps


Part of the Le Grand Bellevue luxury hotel in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Le Grand Spa is a wellness sanctuary on 3000 nm². Offering restorative spa treatments and thermal experiences along with energizing fitness services, it is the most extensive spa in the region equipped with an array of rejuvenating facilities. With its exquisite chic and eclectic style the spa encapsulates the essence of the Le Grand Bellevue’s approach to health and wellness. 

The brand identity manual was given since the beginning of our contribution so we had to adjust our whole proposal to an existing visual environment. We handled this minimalistic style with respect however added some vitalising details namely one of our speciality, the manual gestures. The elegant style was brought to life with delicate pen drawings of mountain herbs like edelweiss or stemless gentian. 

As a counterbalance to the modest graphic details we delved into premium printing technology for visual indulgence. The paper in lichen-green and off-white colours are the products of Favini company propagating natural fibre based papers worldwide. Incredible Letterpress, a frequent collaborator of ours is in charge of all the high-end letterpress technics used in the Le Grand Spa identity design work. 

P    photography by András Zoltai & Nick Hopper
G    graphic design, illustration by Eszter Laki
J    junior graphic designer – Réka Imre
L    Le Grand Bellevue logo by Construct London