K H A N 
branding for an Asian restaurant 
in Budapest, Hungary 

Khan is the second venue of a Budapest based group of Vietnamese-Chinese friends who believe in connecting cultures through gastronomy. While their first restaurant, SÁO哨 creates a heartwarming atmosphere for the rituals of Asian home cooking, Khan is more of a heavy, haute cuisine version of their definition of gastronomy. 
Khan means majestic which applies to the food service as much as to the interior design. Given that the menu contains eye-catching courses in a fabulous environment we tried to keep the graphic identity as simple as possible and let the food prevail. 
The logo is derived from the lattice pattern of the woven lampshades which are typical Asian products originally used as fish nets. 
A   art direction, graphic design – Eszter Laki
 junior graphic designer – Réka Imre
P   photography – András Zoltai
 portrait – Szilveszter Makó