I G E N 

Igen is the dreamchild of our dear childhood friend Nóri Vidó, an architect and designer who has always had a deep interest and love for gastronomy. Her skills, abilities, and interests came together perfectly with Igen, allowing her to express herself and bring joy to many with her creation. After all, Igen means “yes” in Hungarian, and seems to represent a joy for life, for design and passion, and for pizza! 

She opened her first pizzeria on Madach square, where Igen served up delicious takeaway pizzas and pizza slices to the friends who gathered every evening to dance and laugh the night away in the famous square lined with local bars. The little pizzeria quickly developed a following, due to its friendly atmosphere, minimal yet humorous and warm interiors, and scrumptious pizza. The key feature of the place was the specially designed and built oven ordered from Naples, as her focus has always been on the true Napoletana pizza, which can only be emulated with high quality ingredients and the perfect oven. 

After successful years on Madach square, Igen began to outgrow its tiny location, and Nóri began to look for a bigger venue where people could sit and spend more time sharing and enjoying pizza. She opened the new Igen in 2018, and it has been fully packed since opening day. She offers classic pizzas such as Margarita DOP, to Cacio e Pepe, and Puttanesca. Sweets like tiramisu and pistachio cake bring your meal to a perfect finish. 

As an architect, Nóri’s goal was to create a true Napoletana pizzeria, with Italian Carrara marble, gorgeous mirrors, as well as green, black, and grey ceramic tiles. You’ll also find saint icons on the walls, and a great big neon sign. This mix of traditional and contemporary is comfortable, pleasing, and enjoyable - just like the pizza offered up steaming hot from the oven.

The identity for Igen became a cool combination of handwritten punk texts and a pixelated black and white marble pattern. These elements appear on the beer coasters, shop cards, menu, and other brand materials. The pizza takeaway box features a simplified graphical take on the classic George Clooney pizzaiolo illustration. 

Ph   photography by András Zoltai 
Ad   art direction by Eszter Laki
Gr   graphic design by Eszter Laki
Id   interior design & pizza by Nóri Vidó