H U N G U E S T  H O T E L S     

Rebranding of a leading Hungarian hotel brand

We were asked to create a new identity for Hunguest Hotels, a leading Hungarian hotel brand. It’s a huge honor for us to work on such a significant project for a well-known and respected brand that has hotels all over the country. With Hunguest’s wide reach we knew that every little detail of the design would be experienced by many people. 

As we worked on this project, the idea of ‘renewal’ was most present in our minds. The history of Hunguest Hotels goes back to the socialist era. Since then it has gone through many transformations, but its logo and brand has stayed the same since the 2000s. Recently, the company began a grand renovation of its properties, and wanted to express this change of their image. 

Through their new brand design, Hunguest wanted to communicate their commitment to quality and consistency. They asked us to visually elevate the name of the hotel, thereby emphasizing the consistent level of service in all their hotels. Creating this new identity involved redesigning the existing Hunguest logo as well as all the visual aspects, from the hotel signages to the printed materials. 

Since many of the Hunguest hotels are connected with spa and wellness centers, it was important to show the connection with water: therefore, the logo is a capital "H" made up of drops of water, and the main brand color is blue. The logotype also has a small wave and water drop in the letter "g". The connection between water and renewal also offers a deeper level of symbolism and meaning. 

To express the Hunguest commitment to quality and taste, we had the opportunity to use high quality print techniques, such as letterpress printing on the businesscards and door hangers, embossed leather menu covers, and engraved wooden signages. These natural elements and textures further emphasized the brand’s history, traditions, and connection to nature.

Art direction – Eszter Laki
Graphic design – Eszter Laki, Réka Imre
Photography – András Zoltai, Hunguest Hotels
Print, signage production – Inkredible Letterpress