H O T E L  R U M
Branding & signage for
a contemporary boutique hotel
in Budapest


Hotel Rum is a perfect hideaway in the city center of Budapest. As a boutique hotel it fully exploits the intimate atmosphere of a small scale housing estate and creates a whole new universe on the dreamy streets of Budapest. The early eclectic, neo-renaissance building designed by Imre Steindl (famous for the Hungarian Parliament Building) offers uniquely furbished rooms, packed with custom-made design pieces across six storeys. The floors are connected with a steep concentric staircase, which is one of the main characteristics of the building. 

The graphic identity works along with the architecture and the main elements give a special atmosphere for the building itself. The graphic signs and symbols assist the orientation across the building so they have to be highly functional and above all fulfill safety requirements. For this reason we used a simplistic signage system with powerful, dynamic numbers. They appear on the walls in a black and white contrast and in a golden version as well. Other public information signs show up in every common area and guide through with fluorescent paint in the dark. On every floor bass room numbers embellish the doorways. This results in a quite glamorous but quirky atmosphere which respects the architectural structure yet gives a hint of fresh contemporary design.

The other essential part of the identity is the Rum Hotel logo, in which the clean geometrical lines refer to the black metal furniture used all across the rooms. Each room is equipped with skincare products which are coming in a custom made package design featuring the logo. For every resident there is a stationary package with a business card awaiting on the table. The frame of the R letter in the logo is used independently as well so the empty diamond shape works as a substitute logo and a playful sign across the building and in varied part of the graphic identity.   

P    photography by Dániel Molnar, Tamás Bujnovszky & Balázs Glodi
W    hotelrumbudapest.com