branding for a charming rotisserie bar 
in Budapest, Hungary  

Located in downtown Budapest, Hilda Rotisserie is a charming restaurant which offers top-quality, free-range poultry food focusing on grilled chicken. The rotisserie aims to restore the royal fame of poultry recipes therefore the interior is boldly elegant with a bohemian, French twist. The Classicist three-storey building was designed by the well-known Hungarian architect József Hild, so the name Hilda is a kind of female equivalent, a feminine personification of the building. 
This female character is the main inspiration for the graphic design: her gracefulness appears in little details like in the soft, curvy H letter of the logotype. However the architectural reference had an equally strong influence on the identity. The original iron structures which were found by the full restoration of the inner space are iconic elements of the interior and the identity design. The H logo is an architectural motif drawn in a decorative, geometrical art-deco style which is present in the interior design as well. The H logo is used on many surfaces like loyalty and business cards and we even made a sticker version of it for take-away packages. 
The velvety blue and golden tones are resulting in an overall art-deco effect which is crowned by the dazzling glass boards on the forefront. The gilded blue glass boards are real rarities as they were hand-painted by an old craftsman. 
There is also a huge hand-crafted mosaic picture on the main wall of the restaurant made by Gábor Melka and drawn by Csongor Horváth. 
It had to be an easily recognizable emblem for poultry food on the front thus we stick a golden chicken on the windows, a funny figure which has a strong typographic gesture in it.       

A   art direction, graphic design by Eszter Laki
P   photography by András Zoltai & Balázs Glódi
W   wall illustration by Csongor Gergő Horváth
I   interior design by 81font