F R E Y J A  

True bakers have the unique ability to pay tribute to a much-loved classic through close attention to detail and respect for tradition, while adding their own ideas and inspiration to create a work of art that looks as beautiful as it tastes. This is exemplified at Freyja, the croissanterie founded by Péter Dormán and Gergely Markovics, the much-admired bakers behind the artisanal bakery The Mill. Péter and Gergely have a deep understanding of their craft, and a passion for creating luxurious creations based on time-honoured practices.

Freyja takes the Danish approach to croissant-making, a maximalist process that is as decadent as it is time consuming. The croissants are prepared using sourdough that takes several days to mature. Generous spreadings of butter are added between each layer, and when the croissants are finally ready, they serve as a canvas for inspired savoury or sweet fillings and toppings. These aren’t your typical croissants-in-name-but-not-in-soul, no, these croissants excite and inspire, leaving you full but wanting more. 

This project had us excited from the beginning, as we are constantly inspired by the paradoxically pared back yet warm Scandinavian style and design. We also love the time, effort, and joy that comes from the process of baking – and eating – the Freyja croissants! 

We had two main goals with our identity design: to create a minimalist Scandinavian identity with a hint of humour, and to use the croissant as our key motif. 

The overall style is minimalist and simple. We wanted the brand to feel welcoming and clean, so the croissants can take centre stage. For the main colour of the brand, we decided to use faded jade green, a calming, relaxing colour that complements food well, and is a great match to the big green community table in the croissanterie. 

Keeping with the theme of giving the croissant centre stage, we designed a croissant icon, and played with the shape to create other illustrations like a boat we use in the logo, or even a whole landscape, as we did on the box, where every detail is made out of croissants.

Ph   photography by András Zoltai, Gergely Szekeres, Márton Tordai 
Ad   art direction by Eszter Laki
Gr   graphic design by Réka Imre & Eszter Laki
F    fonts created by Hungarumlaut & Naske Studio