D A A L A R N A     

Many little girls dream of their wedding day, imagining their beautiful dress and feeling like a princess. In Hungary, those dreams are made true by Daalarna, Hungary’s most well-known wedding dress boutique, led by founder and head designer Anita Benes. Daalarna’s beautiful gowns are handmade in Budapest, and are known for their simple lines, sophisticated and graceful styles, and alluring fabrics.

We had the pleasure of updating the Daalarna logo to a more polished and elegant version. For the new logo we created an emblem using the shapes of the letters D and A, which also represent two wedding rings. We decided to keep two iconic features of the old logo: the magenta colour of the brand, as it’s quite eye-catching and well-known, as well as their capital “R” among the lowercase letters.

We were also asked to create a brand design for Daalarna’s new line Dream by Daalarna, which consists of ready-to-wear products for a limited-edition range that can be worn in everyday life while still exhibiting Daalarna quality. We used hand-drawn lettering for the sub-brand and paired it with the new Daalarna logo.

Graphic design - Eszter Laki, Réka Imre
Photography – András Zoltai