C S O R O S Z L Y A  F A R M  F L O U R 
Package design and illustrations for a Hungarian organic flour


Owned and run by Anna and Ágoston, a young couple with a passion for food and farming, Csoroszlya Farm is an organic farm with acres of wheat, potato, and plums. Recently they decided to build their own small mill to provide an organic flour solution for artisan bakeries and home bakers, with a transparent view into the origin of the wheat. 

The integrity of the ingredients of our food and the journey they take to reach us are both very important, and deserve the utmost care and attention. The people of Csoroszlya Farm know that, and have poured time, energy, and passion into the products they make, and the way they process them. They stand behind using only the best methods and techniques, guarantee a conscious choice of variety, and are a great example of controlled organic farming and biofarming in Hungary. 

We were asked to create package designs for their various types of flours - wheat, rye, and spelt. We were inspired by their natural and hands-on approach, and so this came through in our design, materials, and techniques, such as illustrations, natural brown paper for the packaging, flexo printing, and stamps. 

To differentiate the product types, we decided to assign a colour for each type of wheat. The specification of the flour (for example bread flour, light flours, and so on) is stamped on the package.

The process of growing and manufacturing food is incredibly important to Csoroszlya Farm, so we decided to illustrate the journey from the moment the seeds are planted in the soil, through the harvest, and eventually to the oven. The illustration wraps around the packaging - referencing the cycle that the food and the farm goes through. 

For professional bakers, it’s very important to know where their flour comes from, and what method was used to make it, so they can guarantee they have a product of the highest quality. Csoroszlya Farm knows this of course, and their flour is made using granite mill grinding, which we have shown on the packaging as well. 

The Csoroszlya Farm logo was designed by Andrej Tóth before the packaging project, so we had a great point to start from while we did our part of the project.

Ph   photography by András Zoltai
Ad   art direction by Eszter Laki
Gr   graphic design by Eszter Laki & Réka Imre