C H E Z  D O D O 
art direction & graphic design
for an artisan macaron manufacture
The secret of Chez Dodo's success lies in the talent and passion of the young owner Dóri Szalai. She started to make macarons about 3 years ago and she went to Paris in order to perfect her skills. She spent nights with baking hundreds of the small colorful confection. Finally she decided to change her life and open her very own place in Budapest at Sas street, just a corner from St Stephen's Basilica. Every small detail in the shop tells a lot about her taste and perfectionism. She names the delicious macarons herself: Céline, Amelie, Jean Pierre, etc.
When we first met I already knew her from the photos of Balázs Glódi. She was wearing a silk blouse with hummingbirds on the pictures. We decided together to use this small, quick and colorful bird as the symbol of the brand. On the next day I bought some watercolors and started to paint the hummingbirds. 

The logotype 'CD' symbolizes the shape of the macaron. I made a pattern of hummingbirds for the wallpaper. This pattern repeats on the boxes and on the paper bags. The birds appear on the silk screened canvas bags as well. The interior design was made by Gábor Szegő and András Hitka. 

P   Photography by Balázs Glódi