branding for a coffee house
& restaurant in Budapest, Hungary 

Börze restaurant is a contemporary interpretation of the early 20th century’s Hungarian hospitality and food culture. The interior recalls the sumptuous design solutions of turn of the 20th century where great cafe halls, elegant deli counters and other glorious details were part of the middle class’ everyday life.  This nostalgic visuality is supported by charming archaic drawings of animal characters. These playful yet elaborate hand drawings – works of Zsófia Perger, illustrator – revive the Hungarian folktale universe and create a heart-felt atmosphere.  The guineafowl character in the logo represents a homely kitchen in a very elegant, grateful style. This ladylike character is followed by many other animals on hidden details of the visual identity – their magical realism is emphasised by their random presence on different surfaces e.g. on the pages of the menu. The font for the identity was chosen for its classical elegance. They appear on lovely handmade details e.g. information tables created by Klára Németh enamel artist, carefully embroidered table napkins or the golden hot foil stamping on the dark green menu covers. 
 art direction, graphic design by Eszter Laki
 illustration by Zsófia Perger
J   junior graphic designer Réka Imre
I   interior design by Márton Lengyel
 photography by Balázs Glódi &  Gábor Stiglincz