12  M O N T H S 
art direction & graphic design
of a cookbook for (not only) salad lovers


Artbeet publishing was founded by the multitalented gastronomy enthusiast, Éva Bezzegh and her partner József May aiming for the international premium book market and strengthening the Hungarian publishers presence in the scene. Éva is admittedly obsessed with salads so she dedicated their first volume, 12 month to this incredibly variable meal through 360 pages. Éva recruited her own crew driven by perfectionism so she even commissioned a Hungarian ceramic artist to feature a one-of-a-kind tableware collection in the book. 

There are 12 chapters in the book each starting with an introduction to the monthly available ingredients. Therefore we applied for each section different fruit and vegetable patterns made with analogue technics. We used paint to colour the cross sections of the ingredients, then we scanned the prints made with “vegetable stamps” and created patterns with the vegetable’s very own forms and inner structures. 12 month offers practical knowledge on seasonal ingredients accompanied by sophisticated recipes and passionate thoughts on gastronomy. The pictograms indicate options for consumption too as we marked those meals which are easily portable. For delicate technical details we used silver and matte black hot foil, blind embossing and a bright yellow hard cover binding. The end sheets got a radiating purple tone which is an unofficial identity colour, a secret favourite of the author. The beating beetroot logo of the publishing company reveals the meaning behind Artbeet – a pun for heartbeat, a metamorphosis of a beating heart. The word "art" is representing the artistic values the publications carry and "beet" is for evoking gastronomy.

A   Author – Éva Bezzegh
P   Photography – 
Renáta Török-Bognár
G   Graphic Design, art direction – Eszter Laki
J   Junior graphic designer – Réka Imre

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English edition will be available in 2018.