D A V I A   K O E T S E R ' S   I D E N T I T Y

identity design for a swiss interior designer


Davia Koetser is an interior designer from Gstaad, Switzerland. She loves surrealist photography, the art of Max Ernst and Fornasetti’s visual world. The objective of the project was to create an identity which is simple, but strong and personal. I was asking her about her favorite animals, objects and signs, and after getting a long, useful list we just came to the elephant standing on the ball which is an emblematic image of circus. The other key element, the eye is coming from surrealism, it is the symbol of the soul. So I drew the elephant and the eye manually with a black pen. For the texts, I used the font Calluna by Exljbris Font Foundry, it has great unique details such as ligatures, small caps, etc.

The printing of all the paper elements were produced by an amazing traditional technique, the letterpress. My friends at the Inkredible Letterpress helped me a lot to choose the highest quality 100% cotton papers for the envelopes, greeting cards, business cards and letter papers. They even invited me to the late night printing session where I could listen the music of the Heidelberg windmill press machine. We combined blind- and ink printing: the lines are blind printed on the envelopes and greeting cards, and all the other parts are printed with black ink. Even the notebooks have a letterpressed elephant on the cover.

Photography by Balázs Lákics